uPVC window explained.

upvc windows copy

1. uPVC Quality Profile

High UV resistance specially made for South Africa
High quality gloss finish with the colour throughout the profile
High impact strength

2. Welded corner

Corners are welded together ensuring a 100% seal.
This also protects the steel insert

3. Chamber system

Ensuring strength 

Increasing insulation against heat and noise

4. Steel reinforcement

Strengthening the profile when required

5. Dual gasket seal

Increased air tightness

Increased insulation for noise and heat

6. Euro groove

For fitting internal locking mechanisms

7. Large glazing cavity

Too allow the use of single, double and triple glazing.

8. Single or double Glazing

See below for more detail on a double glazed unit:

uPVC windows double glazing

1. Glass

Standard Glass
Security Glass
Safety Glass
Energy-efficient Glass

2. Spacer bar

To hold the 2 pieces of glass separate

3. Desiccant

This removes any excess moisture to prevent the glass from fogging up

4. Primary Seal

Polybtylene Seal

5. Secondary Seal

Silicon seal

6. Airgap

Filled with dehydrated air or Argon Gas

Note: Triple glazing is made with an extra pane of glass.

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