Why uPVC?

Safety and Security

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Your families safety and security can never be compromised and that is why all our windows and doors come with an option to upgrade to intruder resistant glass - in single or double glazing.

Further benefits of intrude resistant glass is that it is naturally a safety glass that will hold form when broken: Exceptional low risk to injury with special focus on children and family since cricket balls and other object are always attracted to glass. When broken you can have peace of mind knowing your home is stil closed off. 


Saving Money

With our windows and doors you can achieve great energy efficiency and hence save money on heating and cooling cost. Not to mention increased quality of life with a climate controlled house. 

Healthy and Comfortable Living


uPVC is a healty material as it does not rot and will not attract fungus or any other living organism. With our double gasket seal you will be able to block out all types of dust, pollen and smells from the exterior and make you house complety draft proof.  

Sound resistance is an added benefit to provide you with luxurious peace and quiet when needed. 


Maintenance free

Easy to clean and basically zero maintenance. We only recommend you add a drop of oil every year to your multipoint locking systems. (most  customers don't and we have had no problems in the last 10 years) 



Protecting the Planet

All uPVC we use is fully recyclable and get used for all sort of new products. All our offers and waste are sent to a recycling plant. 

We fit the best, best.                                                                                                                                                                    © Glasfit 2016