German quality backed by a 10 year guarantee. 

Since 2004 we have been refining our windows, doors and service delivery to ensure we produce the best Quality, complimented by our Expert service and ensuring we lead the market with the latest Innovation. 

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The perfect Windows and Doors that will add value to your dream house. All our Windows and Doors can be optimised with single or double glazing to achieve the highest level of security and energy efficiency. 

Compliment your windows and doors with our Shuttersavailable in wood style or aluminium security design while enhancing the beauty of your windows with interior and/or exterior Architraves and/or exterior window sills that can finish the windows off to perfection.  

And naturally we back our product for your added peace of mind with our 10 year  guarantee to ensure you only get the best - full stop. 

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But offering the best, most innovative product is not enough unless its backed up by years of expertise and front line experience with conceptualisation, planning, project management and site work. 

Our team of experts will assist you in every aspect of your project to ensure total peace of mind. 

Give us a call on 086 111 7226 or setup a meeting so we can discuss your dream project and take the hassle and headache away from you. 

And here we go: Meet the most energy efficient window on the market:

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             Best thermal value. Best hardware technology. Best security features.  

We are a proud Rehau SA partner and member with the Green Building Coucil of South Africa and the German Chamber of Commerce. 

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